Finding out just how much a great deck design could improve your backyard could be just the thing for imparting new life to your yard and also creating an extension of your living area suitable for grilling, partying or any number of fun activities. You’ll find numerous styles and designs out there that are capable of fitting your overall décor and personal needs.

Traditionally treated lumber has been used for decking for the most part, but a number of other materials can be used as well. They include composite material, IPE wood, cedar, or recycled plastic. Customizing your deck is easy when you simply use an original deck design or a distinctive decking pattern. No matter what design you choose for your deck, it will be an extension of your living space for entertainment and an opportunity to spend more of your time in the great outdoors enjoying your yard. 


Planning for where you are going to build your deck is the first step. Generally decks will be attached to the house, making them an extension of the home’s indoor space. The door should be the main access point from the house to the backyard. It should open onto your deck, serving as a buffer zone between indoors and outdoors. When designing the overall shape of the deck, there are numerous good options. Be sure to take into consideration the style and architectural lines of your house to ensure that you get the best look possible. 


The size of your deck is very important and designing your deck so that it will complement your yard should be at the top of your list as well. You don’t want your deck to overtake the whole area, but then again, you also don’t want it to be overly small either because then it wouldn’t be functional. But, most importantly, steer away from a deck that is sized so that it would minimize the natural space of your yard as a whole.

The proper building materials for your deck are also an important choice. All of the previously mentioned building materials have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. You’ll get a natural look if you use treated wood and it will definitely compliment the outdoor space at-hand. For environmentally friendly material, you might want to try recycled building materials. And, if your priority is that your deck be exceptionally strong and durable, consider aluminum decking material.



A handrail is another option for your deck design. It can be an excellent safety feature if your deck is elevated off the ground quite a bit. Some people prefer an open concept deck, but others like the fact that a handrail encloses the deck area and adds a divider between the backyard and the deck. 

With so many options available in deck design, you’ll find that, with proper planning you’ll have a deck that provides the perfect space for seating, entertaining, grilling and so many more activities to boot. 

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