A gazebo is an excellent way for adding function, as well as class, to your garden or backyard. For many years now, gazebos have been used for improving the style and function of parks and gardens everywhere. Thoughts of a stroll through English gardens are evoked in just about everyone when they see a beautiful gazebo. New and modern gazebo designs also can provide a chic appearance in any yard while also offering shade. 

There are numerous designs and style of gazebos available today for transforming your backyard, as well as providing a focal point for all of your other personalized landscaping projects. Gazebos work well for providing dining or seating areas, or as a setting for relaxing and seeking shelter from the sun or the rain.


There are traditional wooden gazebos available just like the gazebos that have been used for centuries now. There are also more modern designs and shapes made from a number of different materials. You can surround your gazebo with colorful flowers and plants and make it the focal point of your garden. You could also put one beside your pool for shelter from the hot mid-day sun. gazega2

There are numerous hand-built wooden designs available. They are generally made of oak or some other hardwood, but bamboo has also become an environmentally friendly and quite popular option. Modern gazebos can be made using aluminum or canvas as well for a modern-day version that is a bit more functional and provides more shelter. 

With so many choices in gazebo designs, it could be hard to choose, but whether you want a touch of class with a classic gazebo or a more functional modern design, your gazebo is sure to be a fantastic addition to your overall yard design.

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