For the purpose of meeting your entire outdoor fireplace design needs list, there are a wide range of fuel types, materials, and designs to choose from on the market today. You could opt for a freestanding unit that you can buy in ready-to-use condition and be enjoying your fireplace the same day. Or, on the other hand, you might want to go for a custom fireplace design that will have the look and function that you prefer.

It’s important to pick out or design an outdoor fireplace that is perfect for your individual needs, especially in view of the fact that there are so many designs and styles available. First off, take into consideration exactly where you want your outdoor fireplace to be placed in the grand scheme of your patio or other outdoor space. Placing the outdoor fireplace where it is a bit sheltered from any wind is an important decision, too. Next, be sure to place your outdoor fireplace close to where you will be seating people, so that you and they can enjoy the ambiance and warmth it provides.


You’ll want your outdoor fireplace to complement the overall design of your patio. For example, you should use brick on your outdoor fireplace if your patio is adorned with brick. You could also design your outdoor fireplace to be covered in mosaic tile or any style and color of tile that would match that of your swimming pool. Or, if you prefer, you could choose a metal finish that matches your yard’s overall d├ęcor and design.

Gas, coal, flammable gel and wood are the main types of fuel that are used in outdoor fireplaces. Wood burning infuses food with a unique flavor during cooking and there’s really no way to replace that natural crackle of a wood burning fireplace. Having to purchase and store the wood can be a major drawback when you use wood however. One very popular option is gas for fueling outdoor fireplaces since they are virtually maintenance-free. Using coal to fuel your outdoor fireplace presents the problem of buying and storing the coal, just like wood. In addition, don’t forget to factor in the issue of having to clean wood and coal-burning fireplaces fairly often. For a fairly new-to-the-market burning option, gel offers numerous benefits, which include a fuel source that is easily supplied and a smokeless burn.


Again, be sure that you take all of the options under consideration for their many benefits vs. their drawbacks, and then make sure that you’re choosing the outdoor fireplace option that suits your individual design and needs best. With so many materials and types of fuel available for your outdoor fireplace, you’re sure to end up with the perfect heat source, ambiance, and cooking facility to accentuate your patio impeccably.

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