Pond Waterfall



One brilliant addition to any lush garden or outdoor space is a pond waterfall. Nothing adds a more refreshing natural element to a back yard pond than cascading water. The gentle movement and soothing sound of the water can breathe new life into a formerly inert outdoor space.

If you would like to add a pond waterfall to your outdoor design, first take a few things under consideration. Let’s say you have a garden pond already, but wish to add a waterfall to it, be sure to bear in mind some design and planning necessities to ensure a successful build. Your first consideration should be the best size waterfall for your overall garden area and what the requirements will be for the pump. If you are going to be installing a waterfall as well as a pond, you should consider some specific design options as well. 


Once you have made a decision regarding the size of your waterfall and pond, it’s important to start considering the overall design and the construction materials. There are a great number of creative waterfall designs available. In the event that you are considering building your pond and waterfall yourself, be sure to keep your deign within your individual skill set. Should you decide to hire a contractor for building your pond waterfall, then be sure to thoroughly discuss your preferred design with him or her.

Pond waterfalls can be constructed in two basic ways. Purchasing a fiberglass waterfall unit is the easiest way. It would be already designed and built. Buying a liner and designing your waterfall using rocks would be the second way. After your liner is installed, then place the rocks where you want them and secure them. Then just seal all of the spaces underneath the rocks. This will cause the water to flow over the rocks in a smooth manner.


As we mentioned before, the size and the power of your pump will be determined by how much water you will have to move, as well as the drop-height of your waterfall. Be sure to consult with your pump supplier to determine the optimum pump size for your pond waterfall. Once you have selected a pump, then you can install it and complete your pond waterfall by attachment of the hoses and connection to your power supply. Then you can sit back and enjoy your new backyard pond waterfall!

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